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5 Safety Tips for a High-Risk Pregnancy

High-risk pregnancies are more common than you may think. And although they can be scary, there are ways to protect yourself and your baby. Keep reading to learn what makes a pregnancy high-risk and what you can do about it.

Nov 1st, 2019
Myths and Facts About HPV

When it comes to sexually transmitted infections, the human papillomavirus (HPV) is far and away the most common. Yet there’s still a fair amount of misinformation about the disease. Here, we break down the facts and myths surrounding HPV.

Oct 16th, 2019
How an Infertility Diagnosis Affects Your Mental Health

About 5 percent of couples in developed nations experience infertility. If you’re a member of this group, your emotions may be all over the place. During this stressful time, it’s important to take care of your mental health.

Aug 13th, 2019
Most Common Risk Factors Associated With Fibroids

Fibroids can cause a lot of uncomfortable symptoms, and sometimes, they can even interfere with pregnancy. Depending on your risk factors, you might be able to reduce your symptoms on your own. Here's what you need to know.

May 10th, 2019
Am I a Good Candidate for Endometrial Ablation?

Extremely heavy periods can be a serious problem that limits the lives of sufferers every month, but a hysterectomy can be a drastic solution. Endometrial ablation is an alternative that can relieve symptoms with a fraction of the recovery time.

Dec 10th, 2018
Everything You Need to Know About Your Prenatal Appointments

Finding out you’re pregnant can be both exciting and scary. A vital part of a healthy pregnancy includes your prenatal visits with Dr. Howerton at her OB/GYN practice. Take a moment to learn what to expect at your prenatal appointments.

Nov 21st, 2018
6 Benefits of Using an IUD

Your birth control method is a very personal decision. You need to have all the information before deciding on the right contraceptive for you. Find out the benefits of using an IUD, and what is involved in having it inserted.

Sep 26th, 2018
Enjoying Sexual Intimacy Again with MonaLisa Touch

Menopause doesn’t mean the end of intimacy. If you experience a loss of libido, pain during intercourse, vaginal dryness, or bladder control problems, you can find relief with the MonaLisa Touch and start enjoying intimacy once again.

Oct 18th, 2018
What to Ask During Your Preconception Counseling Appointment

Planning to get pregnant? Got a thousand questions? A preconception visit gives you the perfect opportunity to ask them. Find out what to include on your checklist. You may not get to all 1000 in a single visit, but Dr. Howerton will do her best.

Aug 23rd, 2018
How Often Should I Get Tested for STDs?

Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise, due in part to resistant attitudes about STI testing. Virtually everyone should be tested annually, or more frequently if they’re members of high-risk groups.

Jun 28th, 2018